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hide "make unique" in assembly context menu




I want to hide the "make unique" command in the assembly context menu. Is this possible via customization in NX10?


Thanks in advance



Meinolf, , Leistritz Turbinentechnik GmbH

Production: NX10.0.3, TC 10.1.4

Testing:NX11 Beta


Re: hide "make unique" in assembly context menu

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

There is no practical way to directly modify the contents of a pop-up menu.


As you've already noted, you can edit the content of the Short-Cut toolbar as well as the Radial,pop-up but those are the only opportunities that users have.


That being said, there actually is a way to indirectly remove the 'Make Unique' option from the pop-up menu but I'm not sure I should be posting this 'hack' on a public website (which the Siemens Community site is).  I would prefer to exchange this sort of information privately via email.

John R. Baker, P.E. (ret)
EX-Product 'Evangelist'
Irvine, CA