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hosting NX_custom on shared vs local, which one better while working on WAN, VPN


Hello Forum, was reading through some of PLM worrl PPT's, read one espcially on 

Design of a Powershell Script to Initialize and Run NX in a TcUa Wan Environment,

So my question is

  1. Is there considerable performance improvement happens if we host the site level NX_Custom variable locally instead of shared drive while users working in Native NX from HOME(Vpn), from factory floor (factories situatedacross globe or remote location) 

i think definitely there will be performance delay due WAN. so what are the options that a Admin can go for when user complains long NX launch time or data access

  1. Node locked license for user working remotely?, instead of single central lic server
  2. Sync the site level variables locally whenever there is changes at central repository
  3. Use VDI/remote system while user working from home or factory floor

how i can reduce the time taken for user to work with NX(Native only, and data is save to cloud drive which is mapped to lcoally to user)Please share your experience, will rephrase my questions if it's not making sense 





Re: hosting NX_custom on shared vs local, which one better while working on WAN, VPN

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Generally, the licensing across WAN/VPN is not too bad (I've done licensing across a 56k modem, albeit quite a while ago).

The big issue is that when NX opens, it wants to open/read thru all the NXCustom stuff.  If the WAN/VPN is slow, this can REALLY slow down NX when you start it.


What I do is have all the custom stuff on a shared network drive, for when users work at "the office".  There is one master site that is replicated to most other sites once/day (usually at the receiving site's "night time"), so no matter what site you are in, it is "local"

If user wants to work over VPN, I have a .BAT that copies all that stuff to the local C:\ drive.  Then when working over VPN, you run another .BAT that maps the same share name to the local C:\ drive (e.g. when at office, users have a S:\ drive mapped to \\S_Server\Some_Share_name.  When working over VPN, I map S:\ to \\%COMPUTERNAME%\C$).  Note there is no automatic update mechanism for this local copy - users have to re-run the .BAT to update their files (if anything changed on the server)


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