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manage instances of a raster image?

I know:
  • All the images imported to a part file are listed under the "Images" node of Part Navigator.
  • Instances of each image can be created and placed at various positions in the space.


I also know about following ways to show/hide raster images:


  • "Show and Hide" dialog box can be used to show/hide all the raster images.
  • "Hide" in RMB menu can be used to hide a specific raster image instance.
Q1: Is there any integrated way or workaround to manage the Show/Hide status of each imiage instance individually, just as showing/hiding an object under "Groups" or "Model History"?
Q2: Is it possible to make a raster image instance position associated to an object?

Re: manage instances of a raster image?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Surfactant,


Raster images are one way of handling images in NX. Depending on your intent and process you might want to have a look to the Decal Sticker function.


If I understand it correctly you want to be able to navigate and manipulate the instances of raster images from the Part Navigator. This is possible if you expand the Dependency Tab in the Part Navigator. Here you will be presented with all the instances of your Raster Images and you will be able to use the red tick to turn them on and off as you like. The Raster Image function is limited to Planes or to be based of planar faces. In other words you can associate the Raster Images with planar entities. Please watch the attached movie file for clarity.


Best Regards

Fredrik Sandblom

Re: manage instances of a raster image?


Hi @Sandman Thank you for the exhaustive explanation and the illustrative video!