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mirrored parts and drafting




looking for a solution to a problem. 


I currently have two handed parts, one is complete with its drawing. I have done a save as of this part and mirrored the model. How do I then get NX to update the drawing on the mirrored part without having to delete all views and dimensions and manually go in and in effect re-draft the mirrored part?






Re: mirrored parts and drafting


From the start, I would personally not recommend that you do it that way. The problem will be that when you need to edit the models, you will have to edit both of them, and because you used Save As, they are separate non-associated files, and you will need to update both of them.


Better to

  1. Create a parent assembly containing the (unmirrored) part. 
  2. Add a new (empty) component to this parent assembly.
  3. Create a Wave linked mirror body in the new component.


Now when you edit the original part, they will both update.


The drawing is a different story. Someone might have a better answer here, but what I would do is

  1. Open your original drawing, and do a Save As of it. 
  2. In the Assembly Navigator, replace the component to point to the mirrored part.
  3. Update all the views. You will see that all the dimensions are "retained" and show up with dashed lines, because they point to edges from the original part.
  4. The trick to fix them is to edit each dimension, and reselect the First and Second objects of each dimension. This should not be that hard, because you should be able to tell what the should connect to.

With this method, you will end up with linked parts, and associated drawings.


Re: mirrored parts and drafting


Hi Mark,


Many thanks for replying to my query.


I have done as suggested regarding the drawings. However I have had to mirror the normal handed part ontop of itself to preserve the view locations (We don't use master model...yet)


In relation to the mirrored parts, my company are a little funny with regards to wave linking parts - Yes it's more work for me, but thats how they prefer handed models to be done.


Thanks again for your reply.