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missing dimension edit slider in sketch

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Hello folks, in NX10 I miss the slider to modify a dimension in a sketch. (see picture) That was a very useful feature in 8.5

How to get it back?


Many thanks!


Best wishes




Re: missing dimension edit slider in sketch


It is still there in NX10:


Inside the sketch select: Menu - Edit - Sketch Parameters...

Outside the sketch it appears as the leftmost icon when you right-click the sketch.

In the Command Finder it lists as "Edit Sketch Parameters".


In NX11 you can right-click a dimension inside the sketch, select "Edit Parameter" and bring the slider up.


(Back in I-Deas you could drag a dimension arrowhead to "slide edit" a driving diension - miss that...)


/BR Lars Herold

Pressalit A/S


Re: missing dimension edit slider in sketch

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

many thanks to your reply.



I know these Sketch Parameters sliding feature.

But the Slider in the Dimension menu was often better. The scale was lower.

Difficult to explain:


I could move the slider completely to the right and I just modified the dimension by increasing it by 100%.

I had often a better control of the modifying speed.

In the Sketch Parameters Feature the dimension often moves like 1000%, way too much.


When I worked in Pro/E a few years ago there was exactly the same sliding feature but there was a scale slider as well. If dimension mofidied too fast I just decreased the speed (or scale) of change.


Hope you can understand my explanation.




Re: missing dimension edit slider in sketch

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



there is no scale slider unfortunately. But you could report this to GTAC as an Enhancement Request.

Just one hint... if you put the mouse cursor over the slider in the dialog, use the mouse wheel to scroll the slider in very small steps.That might help to make minor changes dynamically.