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1)  I want to Know How or for what Option "Reposition Body" work in Feature Model Compare ??


2) When we get report .HTML file From Model Comparision How the System named Part Version ??

( Sometimes is 3  or any random no.)


3) Journals & Macros Can't record anything about Model Compare feature. Is there any option to record them?? & i want to access API for Model Comparison can anyone tell me about how and from where can i get ?




Re: model Compare 1



Could you attach screenshot that highlights "Reposition Body"

Re: model Compare 1


Re: model Compare 1

Hi Rohan,

I must admit i never used this option but just in case you require i am furnishing the pertinent help doc link below.



Re: model Compare 1

Hello Rohan


I tried to get the information from NX help document,

 As far as I can understand, It helps in orienting the part if the models selected for comparision does not share common CSYS, which would lead to the incorrect results.


So you can use this if the models are not oriented similarly


Re: model Compare 1

Thanks a lot to both of you...

Can anyone give my another 2 question`s answer........