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offset in a datum CSYS associatively

In the previous thread, @TimF taught a great technique of creating a Point by Rectangular Offset. This is really very helpful.
One limitation of the functionality is that, the offset direction is always based on the absolute CSYS.
Is there any workaround to do the offset in a spcified datum CSYS, especially a CSYS that is not parallel to the absolute CSYS?
I know that I can use a Pattern Geometry for later rotation of the offset objects. But it would make the model very messy.
Thanks for your comments!

Re: offset in a datum CSYS associatively

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

After letting things play out a bit, I think you might need to look into using only Datum CSYS for what you appear to want to do. I don't recall the people who responded exactly, but one suggested using an Offset Datum CSYS and I feel that's going to do more for you than trying to figure out how to place points in space.

Create the first Datum CSYS then change the top choice to Offset CSYS then change the reference to Selected CSYS and reference the previously created Datum CSYS. Repeat. Once you do that, you will have a collection of Datum CSYSs that are all associative back to the first.

No, you may not have the dynamics that you desire but I honestly feel if you're going to go down this meticulous path of trying to control spline points/poles, this is one method you should consider if you're not going to Sketch the points (which in my mind is NO DIFFERENT).

The points you need will be contained within each Datum CSYS origin - a Datum CSYS always contains 3 planes, 3 axes, a point at the origin and a CSYS in a single feature.
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Re: offset in a datum CSYS associatively


Another thought, with what you mentioned in previous thread with the "line" offset options.  You could probably do the arc/curve offset with the center ioption turned on, then place a point to the center of this curve, arc.  Yes it is an extra curve in your model.  Just a thought.  for what it is worth.

Re: offset in a datum CSYS associatively

Hi @sdeters   Thanks for your reply! After reading @TimF's latest post, I come to understand your post in the last thread correctly. Yes, Datum CSYS > Offset CSYS carries out the offset exactly in the selected CSYS, not the absolute CSYS. And the arc/curve offset method should work, but seems to add more than one extra items to the already crowded model, let me see where to put it to use.
Hi @TimF    Thanks for your long detailed explanation! I think that I understand what you mean. Very clear --- two methods: Offset Datum CSYS and Sketch. I would definitely follow your advice to improve the workflow.

Thank you both again!