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opening a model in read only mode

how to open a model in read only mode ?


/Sathyaraj C


Re: opening a model in read only mode

Teamcenter or Native?

Generally, NX uses whatever the OS or PDM system allows - if you can write, it opens writable.


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Re: opening a model in read only mode

Thanks for the reply Smiley Happy


Can I overwrite the settings to make it open in Read-Only mode ?



( In the event of some trial and errors, or trying different methodology, It would be promising to no changges in data , If it opens in Read-Only type)



/Sathyaraj C

Re: opening a model in read only mode

You can solve this with NXOpen function in Native NX. Our example:



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Re: opening a model in read only mode

we run Native, so I set it in the OS

I set all customer supplied geometry to read only when I log it in.

If its imported geometry, I translate it to NX then make that file read only as well.

work Work in progess (wip) and I want to go in a different direction to see how it goes, I do a save as, then make the original wip read only.


That NXopen password looks interesting, is it a free thing?



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Re: opening a model in read only mode

This is one of the many reasons to use a managed envrionment - access control.


In native you can enforce through the file system (e.g. Windows permissions).  But you still need a coherent process/policy.