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point set intersection doesn't work



I've experienced a problem with NX 8.5. 


I created a set of isoparametric curve on a surface and also extracted the edge of the surface.





Now I want to know the intersections of a certain isoparametric curve (yellow curves) and the surface edge (blue curve). Take one "long" isoparametric curve for example, it intersects the edge twice and the intersection points should be where as shown below.




However, Point set intersection command tells me that there's no intersection between my selected curves.




But when I use Point intersection command for the same set of curves, NX is able to find the intersection.




Is it this a bug? If yes, is there any work around on finding these two intersection points?


Thanks in advance




Re: point set intersection doesn't work


an alternative using point set

Doesn't answer why Point set at intersection doesn't work


Point Set.PNG

Re: point set intersection doesn't work

Thank you for the reply.


But in the cases where we have a curve on a surface that intersects another curve on the surface for N times, we want to know all the intersection points. There seems to be no way to do it in NX? 



Re: point set intersection doesn't work

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Stephan , it seems that you have found a bug here.

  Call the Gtac and submit an IR.


Why do you need to find all intersections ?

  ( -I have never heard somebody ask for it before.)

Maybe Gtac can propose a workaround to find all the intersections.


Former Catia user ?

  - You should not need to extract the curve from the edge to perform this action, using the edge is equally valid but less work.







Re: point set intersection doesn't work

Hi Tomas, 


Yes, I am a former CATIA user. 


When I was working with CATIA, if they find two solutions from the intersection function, they will prompt the user to select one of them or keep all of them. But NX would not do the same. NX will just keep one of them. So I thought maybe I should use point sets function in NX.