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point set on a circle

Please kindly refer to the example below.
Q1: What's the efficient way to creat a point set on a circle with the 1st point staying associatively at the exsiting green point?
Q2: Is it possible to define the start postion during creating a circle inside or outside sketcher?
My failed effort is like this:

Re: point set on a circle



'Pattern Geometry' is creating the Associative output points.



Mathi K

Thanks and Regards,
Mathi Krishnan.

Re: point set on a circle

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Solution Partner Phenom

So far as i tested it wasn't possible to set a correct and point that is furture dan 100%.



See movie for a work around

(view in My Videos)

Ruud van den Brand
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Re: point set on a circle


Hi @surfactant


I added one more step.


1. Create Datum Axis with 2 point ( green point and csys orign).
2. When define sketch for the circle,

    Specify Horizonal direction with Datum Axis (Step1)

The circle start point is same with horizontal direction.

 Sunkap Ahn, Senior Support Engineer


Re: point set on a circle


Hi @SKAHN   Thanks! I can't understand your solution well. But I tried it roughly in sketch. I still can't see how NX decides the start position on a circle.


Hi @ruud_vandenbrand  Thanks for the video! But the solution seems to be too complicated.


Hi @MATHI_CAX_TRG  Thanks!

Re: point set on a circle

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @surfactant,


So the requirement is to create a circle, given a specific start point, and create a point set based on that start point?  Using the following, if the start point moves the start of the circle moves, and hence the point set (not sure if this is what you're looking for).  Otherwise, use @MATHI_CAX_TRG suggestion - Pattern Geometry, or Pattern Feature.


(view in My Videos)


Regards, Ben

Re: point set on a circle


Hi @BenBroad   Thanks for the solution! I just noticed in your video that the first "through point" in defining the circle is exactly the "start point" of the circle.


Hi @SKAHN   Thanks!