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possible ERs



I am not sure whether below requests are already addressed, incase not request someone to raise ER as I don't have immediate access to GTAC, and it is ardous procedure to log one for me.

1. Reference set of an assembly can be easily highlighted and shows the component names in the information window as well as ANT. 

However, for pieceparts, when we select any reference set, graphic window highlights entities but not the part navigator nor information window. Information window simply cites number of bodies, not the feature names. It may be for the ease of architecture, but if it is possible, enhancement will help in model investigations.


2.In Drafting, the interrupt command (in NX we call it gap) order of 'edit component' (default) be shuffled: see attachment


3. In sketch, there is no intersection point for dimensioning (when not using Auto constrain). Workaround is create a point which lies on curve extensions. I know we should desist using fillets in sketches but incase needed.


These are merely some suggestions noted during my experience with NX and my work is not hindered at the moment.


Durgavajjala S.Prasad /NX 9,NX10&NX11

Re: possible ERs

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Regarding reference sets, a ref set in an assembly will directly reference components; the components will be highlighted when you select the ref set. However, in a piece part, the ref set contains displayable geometry (bodies, curves, etc) NOT features; this is a subtle, but important distinction. The features do not highlight when selecting a ref set in a piece part because it does not directly reference the features themselves.

Re: possible ERs

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



regarding your questions.

1. Double-clicking on the refset in the Part navigator brings up the edit dialog, geometry is highlighted in the graphics window and in the Part Navigator (object entries only, not features). Single click does not, would need an ER.


2. The edit component command is very old-style, and it is only recommended in special cases. Gaps as Symbols is not assoicative and terrible to use. NX has now "Breaks". In the settings of one (or more) dimensions choose Line/Arrow -> Break or search for break. Activate it. Done.


3. If you create a dimension first, and then do the filleting, the point together with all necessary constraints is created automatically.




Re: possible ERs


Breaks is really awesome! Thank you for enlightening me.

Durgavajjala S.Prasad /NX 9,NX10&NX11

Re: possible ERs



I have couple of more observations with NX11 Drafting:

1. Section line is not associative to the view. When I move the parent view in which section is taken, the line is not staying at the original location the section was taken at. I had defined section hinge line by vector of two hole points and placement at disc center.

2. Breaks functionality is not working for user defined features.


See attached...


Durgavajjala S.Prasad /NX 9,NX10&NX11

Re: possible ERs

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend
The section line should not be associative to the view, it should be associative to the model.
When you define the section line, if you snap the sections to the model, the section line will be associative to the model. And, indirectly the view. If you move the view , the section line will continue to be attached to the model.
If you change the model, the section will/ should update.