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problematic sketch on non-timestamp spline

I try to build a sketch on a non-timestamp spline. But many odd things happen.
Hope to have your suggestions. Thanks!
Fig.1 A non-timestamp spline built on YZ plane

ScreenClip [1].png
Fig.2 A sketch is built on the spline plane

ScreenClip [2].png
Fig.3 Sketch is handled in Sketch Task Environment.

                                           ScreenClip [4].png
ScreenClip [3] - 副本.png
Fig.4 "Save" is ENABLED in current Sketch Task Environment! Very odd. Generally "Save" is disabled in Sketch (not Direct Sketch!).

ScreenClip [6].png
Fig.5 Upon exitting Sketch Task Environment, something is wrong with the result sketch.
If I create a datum plane on the spline first and then build the sketch on it, the resulting sketch would be ok. But "Save" is still enbled in the Sketch Task Environment.

Re: problematic sketch on non-timestamp spline

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I think you should submit an IR for this. In NX 11 there was a project to change the behavior of sketch plane definition. Before, the system used to create an intermediate datum csys (internal to the sketch) onto which the sketch was attached. From NX 11, that is no longer the case. This seems to have altered the behavior compared to previous versions of NX. In NX 10 and prior versions, the error message does not occur.


Re: problematic sketch on non-timestamp spline


Hi @Abeinjapan, thanks for the clarification!