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.prt Failed to save in use by another process ?


I experienced a full screen, "blue screen"-error while in assembly. (Had to switch the computer power on/off to get over it.)

  • It said something about "internal memory error" or such and a lot of text and codes.
  • Now I can't save the assemby anymore it states "File in use by another process" ?
  • It is not used by another process and I have restarted the computer many times ?

Is the assembly file now corrupted because of the blue screen error ?

  • Blue screen happened when inserting a new item(=washer) to the assembly and when constraining it.

File in use.png


Re: .prt Failed to save in use by another process ?


I would suggest that you get in touch with GTAC support team for it. They will be in a better position to look into the matter.

Alternatively you can do FILE/UTILITIES/PART CLEANUP  also (but first take the backup of the files before trying it out)

Best Regards


Re: .prt Failed to save in use by another process ?

Now it appears to beCat Happyworking.

Fix was something like:

I opened again subassemblies and parts in use when blue screen happened and saved them.

Then I shut down the laptop and pulled it from dock so no power in it and put the power on.

Now it is fine.