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"Export PDF" pop-up window display behavior


I know I've commented about how the nuisance pop-up windows in the modeling/assembly application pop-up right where you are trying to work and that I have to keep moving them out of the way; but now I have another request for info about another pop-up window.  

When I am trying to export a PDF while in Drawing mode, I will hit the Export PDF command and then it seems like NX just waits forever.  I'll finally see that it's waiting for me, but I can't find the Export PDF pop-up window.  I'll search around for it and then finally hit the "Show Desktop" button at the bottom of the screen.  

After hitting the NX button in the bottom taskbar, NX will maximize and I'll see that the Export PDF pop-up window had been hiding behind the Part Navigator window that I have on another screen.  Is there a setting that I can change or something that I can do so that the Export PDF window will pop-up in front of the Part Navigator window instead of behind the Part Navigator window?  It's not exactly helpful if I can't see it.  Thanks


Re: "Export PDF" pop-up window display behavior


Maybe a bit offtopic but I think export pdf windows could be improve with a check/switch for printing all sheets. And it could be even better if NX alows user to set a drawing sheet as not printable/not countable for storing data you dont want to show in printed drawings.

Re: "Export PDF" pop-up window display behavior

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There's no setting, but hitting F3 might cycle through the dialogs rather than having to fiddle around with showing the desktop and maximizing the session.



ER 7937067 - option on dialog to export all sheets
ER 7937070 - ability to prevent sheets from being printed


Regards, Ben