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Re: "Publish Technical Data Package" NX1874

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Thanks for the feedback.


@sdeters : can you provide any of the Blog or other locations where this was not clear so we can learn from that and do it better next time?


All of the slides and other collateral we have been using for our internal and Partner training (and earlier for Beta) are very careful to mention TDP would not be included in any other products and available only as the new product NX30186. But maybe it did not get carried to all sources that used that info.


I have always tried to refer verbally to "the new TDP product" to try to be clear, but not sure if that nuance made it through the edits of the video of me posted to the Blogs. Sorry if I'm the source of the confusion.


It does get lumped in with other new PMI functionality, like PMI Compare and PMI Renew, so I can see it might get lumped in with "general enhancements".


The only pre-req for TDP, BTW, is Gateway.

Re: "Publish Technical Data Package" NX1874


@PatMcManus : I think it could be made clearer what the licence requirements are for the new features and enhancements. I always ask about licencing during presentations to clarify this, so I was aware that TDP needed additional licencing. The change in format of the beta testing away from presentations can make it more difficult to determine this information.


Could a document be made available on GTAC showing the licences and any pre-requisites so that we know when additional licences are required.


I think TDP is a great addition to NX and we are planning to use it when we upgrade later this year.


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Re: "Publish Technical Data Package" NX1874



The first place I saw this, was during a Webinar that was held by Lifecycle Insights and NX by Dave Wingrave.  I sent Dave message after the fact, and he mentioned TDP was a value added solution.  I kind of took that both ways, value added for us, or value added for Siemens.   It still was not clear to me, which was my misunderstanding of the terminology value added.   


 I really enjoy your feedback, and the information that you always provide.















Re: "Publish Technical Data Package" NX1874


Hi all,


I do not understand, why this function is an extra license!? In SolidEdge - also from Siemens it is an OOTB-Function to create 3D-PDF´s. Why do NX-customers have to pay extra for it?



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Re: "Publish Technical Data Package" NX1847

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

Will this package work with the Demo License?