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Re: refining curve: degree vs. segments

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom


What's the endgame - Class A, G1 only, up to G2???? What will this spline be used for - a planar surface? Would a line work better?

Knowing all of that helps to determine which of the above splines would be preferred/acceptable, if it's even needed.


Not sure what you gain using a spline to control shape if it's planar. Smiley Wink

NX MP11 Rev. A
GM TcE v11.2.3.1
GM GPDL v11-A.3.6

Re: refining curve: degree vs. segments


Hi @TimF   Thanks! The curve is to be used as an internal controlling curve for a class A surface. Generally in my project I often need to fill a large openning with only several boudary curves. As taught in many previous threads, I try my best to improve and check the quality of those input curves.