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section surface

Hey folks


Can someone help with creating a section surface? The part is like some kind of a smooth nerf dart. I've attached the example and the point where I'm at.


Catia has a multi-section surface tool which does this in a few clicks, I'm trying to figure out how to do the same in NX. The transition from eliptical section to circular I created with a Bridge Surface by first extruding both sections away from the transition zone and then using the edges of those new surfaces for the bridge.


Now, the harder transition is the circle to the star. I think it's too hard for the bridge becuase that command only appears to take a single edge as input. Instead I'm playing around with section surface but after reading the help, I'm still a little lost as to how to get this create what I need. There are no guide curves, I just need G1 continuity between the cylindar part and star extrusion.


Do you guys know which settings would work and/or another easier way to do this?





Re: section surface


Create curve on round face 1/12 of arc, ends aligned with 1 side of fin

Create a "Through Curves" surface, tangent direction perpendicular






Re: section surface

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Siemens Honored Contributor

See attached for an alternative approach using a single Through Curves feature. I also included a Through Curve Mesh solution that uses a Bridge Curve to provide more control over the profile of the leading edge of the fins (used a similar Mirror and Pattern method as @agrivas).  Both G1.  I don't know that I would use the Section Surface commands in this case.


Regards, Ben

Re: section surface

Great. Through Curves is a keel tool here if we don't want to cut-up each surface into separate faces. I didn't know it could handle a situation like this. Thanks fellas.