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surface/sheet body from plane equation?


Is there a way to create a surface/sheetbody from an equation of a plane?


#returns a tuple with a list for the normal coefficients (a,b,c) in index 0 and the d coefficient in index 1
     plane_tuple=uf_facet.AskPlaneEquation(facet_tag, i)
     self.theLw.WriteLine("The normal is "+str(plane_tuple[0]))


I was able to create a four point surface using vertices but I have not seen anything where you can just use the plane equation as the input/argument. Other options like N-Sided surface, Ruled require guide curves


           #can access vertices this way [][][]
           coordinates1 = NXOpen.Point3d(temp_tuple[1][0][0],temp_tuple[1][0][1],temp_tuple[1][0][2])
           point1 = workPart.Points.CreatePoint(coordinates1)

Re: surface/sheet body from plane equation?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The plane equation describes an infinite plane. It really only gives you the orientation of the plane; to create a sheet body, you would also need to define the boundaries. There is an option to create a datum plane from the plane equation coefficients; you could create curves on such a datum plane to define the sheet body boundaries then use the "bounded plane" command to create the surface.