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wave linking "single entity" vs separate entity


Hello everyone,


while using the top down modelling whit lots of detailing in the top component and after linking down separate subcomponents from this master model i experienced the following:


250 bodies via one single "wave link" entity(setting in wave link creation)  brought into the subcomponent  (A) from master model

this one split up in 3 subcomponents (A1;A2;A3) by "wave link" as one single "wave link" entity again in each of the three


creation of wave link for component A  took a few seconds

creation of wave link for comonent A1; A2; A3 took   -> 20 Minutes<- each!


first time i was assuming ugraf.exe has hung up but it was working at 100% cpu core load and just taking that long to calculate

Also  ANY movement of the linked wave link object in A (by using the create array from point to point e.g.) took forever to finish.


After changing the wave link settings from "create as one entity" to "create an entity for each body" the problem was solved and linking time down 10 seconds again for the same bodies.


Did anyone experience this? Why does it take so much longer?