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work part display behaviour NX10

hi Experts,

a costumer ask me about how to change display behaviour of work part in assembly.

They want rest of components in assembly do not change display when a component

is  selected as  work part.

As a default ,when a component is selected as a work part ,the rest of components do not display

as the work part (they want change this behaviour).

I try to find any customer default to change this but at the moment no one seems to works.


Any idea about it ?

Accepted by topic author FidelM
‎12-22-2016 04:48 PM

Re: work part display behaviour NX10

Hi @FidelM,


I'm not 100% sure what you're asking for, but you could try this:

Menu > Preferences > Visualization > Emphasis (tab)

Under Session Settings - Emphasis Precendence, uncheck "Work Part". 


This prevents the non-work part components from dimming, and hence the work part being emphasised.


Regards, Ben

Re: work part display behaviour NX10

Thanks a lot Ben.

That is OK .....I changed Customers Default -->Gateway-->Visualization-->Work Part (uncheck) in order the change is persistant in following sessions.


Best Regards and Happy Christmas!