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wrap curve



I try wrap curve.



It should be projected onto the hemispherical shape that is not cylindrical.



What way?


Re: wrap curve

You can not use this command with not developable surfaces.


Re: wrap curve

Is there another way function?

Re: wrap curve

Sorry i have no solution to this ..using wrap curve but will it be possible for you to use PROJECT CURVE instead (with equal arc length)


Re: wrap curve

project does not fit.

Re: wrap curve

You can send your file to my email :

Re: wrap curve

[ Edited ]

Try wrapping the curves to a similarly sized cylinder then project the wrapped curves onto the hemispherical surface (use the "along face normal" direction option). It may require significant tweaking of the input curves to get what you want.


If you have access to NX 11, you may be able to make use of the new "flatten surface" command. Supposedly it allows you to flatten a surface, create curves on it, and map the curves back onto the surface.

Re: wrap curve

In this simple case, Global Shaping should be able to provide a solution (if you have the license).


Regards, Ben

Re: wrap curve

I have access to NX11.
but I not found to "flatten surface"

Re: wrap curve

For the simple example you show it can be done analytically (program/journal) since on a sphere or torus section the lines for the simple planar lines would produce arcs in the latitude and longitude direction on the sphere or torus.


Frank Swinkels