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Animation Designer: Faster Simulation Setup and Validation

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Community Manager

New to Animation Designer in the latest release of NX features a faster simulation setup and validation. To get faster simulation setup and validation, start by leveraging work done in assembly. New joints in assembly modeling can be brought directly into animation designer. You can leverage fixed constraints, revolute, cylindrical, slider and spherical. You can also bring in couplers such as gears, rack and pinion, and pulleys. The resulting joints in Animation Designer are independent from Assembly so you can edit or delete at will. The process automatically creates rigid groups, saving more time.


Simulation Setup and Validation.png


There is also a new pose command lets you cycle a linear or revolute joint through its complete range of motion. This is ideal for showing open/closed steps when an instant toggle is needed or motors are not yet required.


Please see here for a demo on these new tools. 

(view in My Videos)


(view in My Videos)