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Animation Designer: Joint Additions

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Community Manager

All new in NX 12.0.2 feature enhancements to animation designer. You will now find more joints as selections. 


Screw Joint.pngThe first joint added is the "Screw Joint". The screw joint: 

  • Simulates rotational motions that translate into linear movement
  • Supports linear or rotational motor application to simulate movement
  • Perfect for simulating screw motors, or clamping mechanisms
  • Easy to use and solves in real time


The second joint added is the "Planar Joint." The planar joint: 

  • Simulates linear movements along 2 axis, 3rd axis are fixed
  • Perfect for simulating parts sliding freely on a surface
  • Easy to use and solves in real time


With the addition of more joints in NX 12.0.2, you can now skip prototypes with digital twin simulations. 


NX Documentation - Joint enhancements 

Planar joint.png