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Arrange Paths in NX 11.0.1 - New Routing Electrical Function

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Siemens Genius

New function for NX Electrical Routing - HarnessAP-icon.png

Changes introduced in NX 11.0.1 solve a common challenge many designers once faced and improve harness design in NX Electrical Routing. Arranging multiple harnesses in one clamp, while previously tedious and time consuming, is now faster and easier. 


Some industries allow for multiple harnesses to use the same clamp. While it was easy in previous versions of NX to use the clamp port for all harnesses, the harnesses would overlap, requiring you to use involved methods to avoid this behavior. 


AP1.pngPrior to NX 11.0.1, using a single clamp for multiple harnesses resulted in overlap that required an involved process to change.

Arrange Paths introduced in NX 11.0.1 makes it much easier to organize the harnesses within the clamp.

AP2.pngArrange Paths in NX 11.0.1 allows you to quickly and easily arrange harnesses within a single clamp, resulting in a much improved design workflow.Let's look at how to use this new commmand. Select the Arrange Paths tool, and select the clamp component. The harnesses with paths directly linked or wave-linked to clamp port are listed.  Simply select the harness to move and drag to the desired location.  View Operations, a subset of the capability available with the View Section tool, is enabled here to make viewing the changes easy and clear.APwf1.jpg


Also available in Spline Path 

Additionally, you can access Arrange Paths directly while editing a spline. MB3 on the point associated to the clamp reveals the Arrange Path option.APwf2.jpg


Either way, NX manages the work parts, and returns you to the previous state once you leave the Arrange Paths tool.


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