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Assemblies: Assembly Joints

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Joints.pngNX features all new enhancements for assemblies. New with NX you will find Assembly Joints. This allows users to create relationships between components that are specific to defining the relative motion between components. Joints allow users to constraint assemblies in less time and with fewer constraints. This now produces a constraint network that is easier to understand and can also be directly leveraged by other motion applications. 


New joint types include:

  • Hinge
  • Slider
  • Cylindrical
  • Ball


These new joint types provide a more intuitive way to define the relaive motion between components. Users are now able to easily distinguish between static and motion based constraints. These new joints for assemblies will reduce the time it takes to constrain an assembly. The other benefit to you is that the entire constraint network will be easier to understand. 


See here for a demonstration on Assembly Joints:

(view in My Videos)

Bonus: See here for an interview with our product manager of Assemblies on this functionality. 


NX Help Documentation - JointsAssembly joint types


Will the motion package be required for these?



@flyfisher117 ,

no motion package is required. Are new assembly constraints.