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Assembly Performance - Improved Load Performance in NX12

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

NX12 provides many key enhancements for assemblies. Today, we will be looking at the improved load performance enhancements. 


A few capabilities that you are able to achieve now with improved load performance are:


  • Faster assembly structure configuration.
  • NX data is architected for optimized retrieval.
  • Geometry is displayed quickly during the load process.
  • Threaded Loading


These enhancements to load performance overall will reduce the load time significantly. The enhancements also enable for better large assembly workflows such as; Design reviews, DMU studies & layout, design in context, and assembly drawings. The ability to load much larger models is also a reality because of the reduced memory usage.


Below you can view these features in action:

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

This looks great, but it is 12.0.2 functionality?

and not 12.0.1 ?

 ( Or will those options appear when connected to Teamcenter ?)





Very interesting. I hope this implementation in the next version for not menaged NX users also.

This solution is present into SolidWorks from long time ago. :-).