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Assembly Performance - Improved Load Performance in NX12

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

NX12 provides many key enhancements for assemblies. Today, we will be looking at the improved load performance enhancements. 


A few capabilities that you are able to achieve now with improved load performance are:


  • Faster assembly structure configuration.
  • NX data is architected for optimized retrieval.
  • Geometry is displayed quickly during the load process.
  • Threaded Loading


These enhancements to load performance overall will reduce the load time significantly. The enhancements also enable for better large assembly workflows such as; Design reviews, DMU studies & layout, design in context, and assembly drawings. The ability to load much larger models is also a reality because of the reduced memory usage.


Below you can view these features in action:

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

This looks great, but it is 12.0.2 functionality?

and not 12.0.1 ?

 ( Or will those options appear when connected to Teamcenter ?)





Very interesting. I hope this implementation in the next version for not menaged NX users also.

This solution is present into SolidWorks from long time ago. :-).


The option is only enabled with Teamcenter as far as I know. And another thing is that Teamcenter is required to activate the option. 

Solution Partner Legend Solution Partner Legend
Solution Partner Legend

So, do I get it right that we are not given this functionality with NX12.0.2? Or is it not available in native?

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

It is only available in managed NX with NX 12 and Tc 11.3, and higher releases of both.

If you don't have minimal loading available in the load options, you don't have it.

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend
NX 12.0.2 to be precise

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Solution Partner Legend

I am really curious about the reason why this functionality is not available in native. I can't think of a technical reason that would prevent that. 

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Siemens Legend

@Scaffold currently it is taking advantage of some new Teamcneter Lighweight BOM capability, together with optimised .prt data structure. So as of now is only available in managed mode.