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Automatic Dimensions and Placement in NX Drafting


If you're looking for a way to automatically generate and place dimensions in a drawing, this tutorial may be of some help to you. You can use the Feature Parameters command to create autodimensions in NX for some features, though not all. 


Feature Parameters inherits hole and thread parameters in the form of callouts along with sketch dimensions to the drawing sheet. The command is hidden by default in versions NX 9 and newer, but you can get to it from the top border bar menu: Insert>Dimension>Feature Parameters. Use the command finder if you aren't sure where to locate it. 




To automatically distribute the dimensions to their proper locations in the drawing, use Distribute Annotations as seen below. 





This article answers a frequently asked question from the NX Design Forum. The answer comes from our technical expert @kapilsharma. To view the original post, please visit the thread Autoorder of Dimensions.

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this is older functionality how to automate drafting and I guess has limited real use. The problem of this approach is that You can add into drawing only the dimension defined by modeling (parameters in features). For primitive geometry it is OK, but imagine design of spectacular automobile lamp housing - You do not model it by common features, it must be done by free form modeling and only in final You get the solid body. And You have to make a drowing of it.

I don not know if You understand me well but believe me that the trend is in PMI. Hence this functionality is hidden in last versions.

With PMI You define dimensions, surface roughness, tolerances directly in modelling. This is very interesting for then for You it is enought to have only model, no drawing, but You see all the dimensions (e.g. via JT). Off course that in drafting application You don't have to make the dimensioning again, but You just ask NX to show the PMI in drawing view.

Good luck.