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Compare Drawing Revisions Pt. 1: Track Drawing Changes in NX 11


The Track Drawing Changes tool in NX 11 Drafting allows you, with the push of a button, to quickly and easily compare revisions of a drawing to see exactly what changes have been made.

track drawing changes NX 11.jpg

In this example, there is a drawing which is a second revision of an assembly, and we want to compare it to the original drawing. The assembly underwent some minor changes. For example, a beam has been added to the middle of this part.

In the Drafting Tools tab, select the Track Drawing Changes tool. In the dialog underneath Compare Against, you have two options:

  • Another Drawing – This option compares the current drawing against another revision or part file.
  • Active Drawing Snapshot Data – This option compares the current drawing against snapshot data captured of the same drawing.

track drawing changes menu nx.jpgIn this example, Another Drawing is the option we will select. Next, select the file (in this case Revision A) from the file name list located underneath Select Part in the Track Drawing Changes dialog.

A menu pops up to ask for permission to create new snapshot data. Select Yes.

track drawing changes nx menu 2.jpg

After you hit OK, a report pops up to show you the breakdown of all changes in the drawing by type. This shows the number of changes, along with additions and deletions. You can right-click and select Expand All to show each individual change listed out.

track drawing changes nx report.jpg

When you select any of the changes on the list, the geometry will highlight in the drawing and you also have the option to right-click and select Navigate to object to view a close-up of the change. This works for the following changes: dimensions, text, notes, and more.

Watch the video to see a step-by-step demonstration of Track Drawing Changes in NX 11 from Product Manager Kevin Thompson.

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