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Compare Drawing Revisions Pt. 2: Visual Overlay in NX 11


When designing products – whether it be a car, jet engine, or an athletic sneaker – your design goes through numerous changes and iterations before it reaches the final stage. With each revision typically comes a new drawing. That’s why reviewing design changes across multiple drawings or even the same drawing is extremely important.  There are a number of tools available to you in NX Drafting that help you compare design changes at a glance. In a previous tutorial, we covered Track Drawing Changes in NX 11. Today you will learn how to use Visual Overlay in NX 11.


Much like our previous tutorial, we start off with a drawing Revision B that we will compare to drawing Revision A. From the toolbar, select the Visual Overlay tool to open the dialog.visual overlay.jpg

The visual overlay tool has similar options to Track Drawing Changes in that you can compare an active drawing with snapshot data from previous versions of the same drawing OR you can compare two different drawing revisions against each other, as in this case.

  • Another Drawing – This option compares the current drawing against another revision or part file.
  • Active Drawing Snapshot Data – This option compares the current drawing against snapshot data captured of the same drawing.


visual overlay 2.jpg

You will be asked if you want to create overlay data. Select Yes to proceed.

visual overlay 3.jpg

Once the data loads, you can see at a glance all of the visual differences between the drawings. Revision A is in orange and Revision B is in black, so it’s easy to distinguish what changed between the two versions.

visual overlay 4.jpg

Visual Overlay is new to NX 11 Drafting starting in 11.0.1 and gives you a quick, easy way to identify changes between two drawings.


Watch the video to see Kevin Thompson demonstrate these steps!

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