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Consider Using Existing Drawings for MBD

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Many of NX users and their companies have often reviewed and considered going with MBD (Model Based Definition) or MBE (Model Based Enterprise), but just don’t know where to start. They also are concerned with the question "What about all of the drawings that have been created (company IP) for the year?"


One of the new enhancements for PMI in NX 11 is the ability to take existing drawings and reuse (convert) views, dimensions, annotations, GD&T instances into 3D designed data.


This new capability will enable users to generate PMI instances from the developed drawings very quickly and easily. The capability gives you the ability to...

  • Convert legacy drawings either in the Master Model drawing or stand-alone model and drawing combined files. This conversion will successfully transform standard drafting entities, details views, section views, and annotations into NX PMI instances at the NX master part file or in model application automatically
  • Convert the whole drawing, specified sheet(s), selected views or by selecting critical annotations for this conversion.

In this example, we have a master model drawing that contains standard model views and its history or features within the part navigator. We can see the standard views are without any PMI instances at this time.


housing drawing.jpgsample drawingIn drafting, when users activate Convert to PMI command, users can initiate Preview Option where they can quickly see the high-lighted views, drafting entities that will be converted to PMI objects.


convert to pmi.jpgConvert to PMI

There are several different types of Conversions; Drawing, Sheet, View, and Annotation.  Where each users can select specific to their needs.


convert to pmi UI.jpgConvert to PMI UI

Once users selected the Type then check the Preview, where they can see what drafting entities are being converted and they are high-lighted in red.


conversion high lighted.jpgConversion preview

When reviewing the conversion result in the Part Navigator of modeling application, as users expand the Model Views listing there are several more views are now available. Any view with a “+” sign indicates that there are associative PMI instances in those views.


In the Right view, there are PMI objects like Dimensions and Section View indicators. Users can select the section view indicator and MB3 and Make Section the Work View, NX will automatically change view to the sectioned view with PMI objects and it’s crosshatched display.


right view with pmi.jpgRight View with PMI Objects

From this view, users can also launch the Conversion Report and see the detail information of the conversions specifically to this view; users can quickly review the results.


conversion report.jpgPMI Conversion Report

When users are not in the Part Navigator, they can still access the Conversion Report.  In the File Properties command, users can access the Converted Drawing Item Tab, once the appropriate Item is selected, Actions for different conversion command becomes available.

In the Report, there are Summary, Options, and Results sections; where they each provided details of this conversion.


A new functionality was introduced in NX 11.0.1; users can now lock a general note Parallel to Screen and also Lock Size and Position, where the note will always maintain the size and the position to the screen, which is very helpful for users to review the note when it is needed.


drafting setting - display parallel to screen and lock size and position.jpgDrafting Preference

Once this is done, specified annotation will always displayed as: Parallel to Screen and Lock Size and Position regardless how 3d model is move on the NX screen.


lock position.jpgLock Position

I hope this article is helpful to you.


- Sam Kuan



Sam Kuan
Siemens Visionary Siemens Visionary
Siemens Visionary

Thanks Sam for this information. I have a customer that is looking into not only doing the PMI but moving all of their existing drawings that are currently in the UGMaster into the Master Model Concept. I have watched you video on how to do this manually per part. But if a company has thousands of parts that have their drawings embedded into the same part.Does Siemens have a program (batch mode) to run that will move all of the Drawings that are inbedded into the same UGMaster part into a Master Model Concept parts?


Mark Smith