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Convergent Modelling Technology has Arrived in NX

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Convergent Modelling Technology is a brand new and exciting modelling paradigm delivered with NX 11 that enables designers to interact directly with Facet geometry, thus providing significant productivity gains. 


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Please see here the first example of Convergent Modelling Technology.


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Incorporating facet geometry in your design workflow prior to NX 11 requires a conversion process into surfaces and solids to support the operations. Reverse engineering workflows necessary to make such a conversion are often slow and require a fair amount of skill in order to achieve a good result.


NX 11 introduces a brand new modelling paradigm where you can combine working with facets, surfaces, and solids without the need for any conversion. Convergent Modelling Technology also supports new manufacturing techniques such as 3D Printing and Additive Machining. 


Surface quality will be the same as the underlying facet, so the better quality facet you have, the better quality geometry you will get as a result. 


NX 11 marks the start of our journey with Convergent technology, and it is currently only found in the modelling application.