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Copying the ANT Column Configuration from one version of NX to another

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When a user has "Assembly Navigator (ANT)" configured and like to use same configuration in newer version of NX or to use the same for multiple users on different systems.  There is no OOTB setting or utility is available within NX to copy ANT column configuration. However, without doing the same configuration manually, there is a method to achieve the same ANT column configuration.


On windows platform such navigator columns settings are stored in the registry on the user's machine.


When a user change column configuration of the assembly navigator (ANT) and upon exiting NX, it will be stored in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unigraphics Solutions\NX\12.0\General\ANT\Columns".


For managed NX
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unigraphics Solutions\NX\12.0\General\UGManager\ANT\Columns.


Reg_ANT.jpgSiemens NX - ANT columns registry

Until NX12, it is needed to export this particular registry settings from one user machine and to import it on another user's machine to have same assembly navigator column configuration for multiple users.


Note - Changes to registry settings should be done by a knowledgeable person. Any incorrect changes to the registry can cause system damage.


Starting from NX 1847 series, this ANT column configuration setting is stored in the "UserPreferences.txt" file located in user directory.
Example - C:\Users\User1\AppData\Local\Siemens\NX1847\UserPreferences.txt


1. NX 12 ANT has been configured to show columns "Load State", "Representation", "Position" and the same is needed in NX 1847.


NX12_ANT - Copy.jpgSiemens NX 12 - ANT Columns2. Export assembly navigator (ANT) columns registry
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unigraphics Solutions\NX\12.0\General\ANT\Columns


Reg_export.jpgSiemens NX - Export ANT Columns Registry

3. Open exported registry file (.reg) in notepad++ or any editor. Copy all the hexadecimal numbers followed by "Column Headers"=hex:" (Highlighted in yellow color).


Reg_Hexa_Code.jpgSiemens NX - ANT Columns Registry (Hex Code)4. Open "Binary Translator". Paste copied hexadecimal numbers into [HEX] text field and click on <DECODE>. Copy encoded content from [TEXT] field.


Decode_Hex.jpgBinary Translator

5. Open "UserPreferences.txt" in notepad++ and paste copied [TEXT] content to replace the existing value for "Column Headers"="<TEXT>" between quotes.


User_Pref.jpgSiemens NX - User Preferences File

6. Restart NX 1847 and you will see the same ANT column configuration as in NX 12.


NX1847_ANT.jpgSiemens NX 1847 - ANT Columns

Thanks to @BenBroad for this solution. You can read original post here.