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Crosshatching Enhancements to Drawing in NX 11.0.1


Assembly drawings are complex. In order to present a large amount of information in a limited space, they must be as clear and concise as possible to reduce the chance for errors and facilitate easy interpretation. One way of doing this is by using different crosshatching for different components when cutting section views. In other words, the same component will have the same crosshatch pattern in every view it appears in, making it easier to tell which part is which when looking at all the views in the assembly drawing.


Crosshatch Section_sm.png

In NX 11.0.1, you can save time by setting the crosshatch parameters for a component across multiple section views at the same time. This means that, no matter where an assembly component appears in the drawing, the crosshatching will automatically be the same. If you modify it, the crosshatching will update in every view where that component is shown. By automating a time and labor-intensive task, NX allows you to devote more time to perfecting your design and improving quality.