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Design: Automatic Work Part Change

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Community Manager

With the latest release of NX you will find many new enhancments into our core design area. The automatic work part change is an all new functionality to NX. Modeling within a single part and in the assembly context becomes significantly easier through a number of efficiency improvements such as the automatic work part change. The automatic work part removes the need to explicitly set the work part. This will reduce RMB interactions, while speeding the design process in assembly workflows. 


Automatic Work Part Change.png


The work part is automatically set based on selected geometry

  • Selection of a face to sketch on or move
  • Selection of an edge to fillet or chamfer etc..

Example Workflow:

  • Current Work Part is top level product assembly
  • Enter a command, E.g. Chamfer
  • Selection Scope is set to Entire Assembly
  • Can select edges from any component in the assembly to chamfer
  • Once edge is selected, that component becomes the work part automatically

    Automatic Work Part Change Example.png



  • Work Part changes when a block is satisfied on a dialog
  • Work Part is maintained after command is completed
  • Cancelling without completing the command reverts back to previous work part
  • Selection Scope must be set to Entire Assembly
  • Assemblies – WAVE Geometry Linker works as expected with AWPC
  • Icon to control “on the fly” AWPC to support multiple workflows


See here for a demo on this functionality: 

(view in My Videos)


NX Help Documentation - Allow Automatic Work Part Change