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Design: Feature Snapshots

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

New to NX design includes additional functionality and enhancements into core design. Feature snapshots provides a visual comparison of a design change which will greatly improve your understanding and impact of a change made. 


Feature Snapshots.png

The snapshot creates a copy of a body for visual comparison of design changes. 

  • The snapshot window enables comparing the model side by side with the option to synchronize view manipulations
  • Snapshot can be overlaid on top of the updated geometry and inspected using a translucency slider
  • Snapshots are temporarily stored in the Snapshot Node in the Part Navigator


See here for a video demonstration on this functionality. 

(view in My Videos)


NX Help Documentaion - Reviewing feature design changes using snapshots


I would like to add features after the snapshot creation and maintain the visual comparison.

Actually only edit present features permit the visual comparison.

Solution Partner Pioneer Solution Partner Pioneer
Solution Partner Pioneer

This capability would play a important role of handling change management!


Once a part released and it needs to be modified, a user can store the evidence of changes he/she makes as a snapshot even if he/she editted existing features. 


For managing changes to a part, one of my customer has made a rule that a part once released must be editted only by adding modification features (main features added are sycronous modeling features for this purpose!), not editting the existing features for clarifying changes added after the release, even though he/she,  of cause, knows it is sometimes easier to edit existing features.