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Design: Sketch Display Emphasis and Sketch in Section View

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

New to design for NX features an all new sketch display emphasis, as well as a new sketch in section view feature. Sketch in Section View.png With these two new functions you'll have an easier time sketching in the assembly context, or in contexts with lots of component geometry. 


Sketch in assembly context: 

  • Work part appears in color
  • All others are dimmed and grayed
  • RMB during sketch creation

Sketch in Section View

  • Section – Sections model to the sketch plane, shows background geometry
  • Slice – Displays only sketch plane
  • Auto Reverse Section Direction – section is maintained during rotation; dimensions and constraints redisplay based on viewing angle


See here for demos for each of these contexts. 


Sketch in Assemblies:

(view in My Videos)

Sketch in Section View:

(view in My Videos)


Hmm.. no sound with the videos.  Is there a setting?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

@JPayant , There is no sound for these videos.