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Design: WAVE Link Out of Date Status Improvements: Feature Up to Date Status

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Community Manager

The WAVE link has received new enhancements in the latest release of NX. Now the part navigator up to date behavior is updated to prioritize the "out of date status" over other status' (such as "unknown") With the new update you will have improved understanding of out of date status' and any update actions that need to be performed. 


WAVE up to date.png


What's you will see:

  • Part Navigator Up to Date status enhanced for all collapsible groups (e.g. Feature Groups, Links folder, Part Modules, etc.)
  • Feature Up to Date status indicator enhanced to provide more information about out of date status (e.g. ✓, ✓, □, !, X, ?, )
  • Inter-part Expressions status enhanced to support update from Part Navigator

NX Help Documentation - WAVE link status enhancements