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Display PMI Cutting Plane Symbol in a Drafting View in NX 11

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

With the new 'Derived Type' option in the 'Section Line' command you can create a section line in a valid drafting view that is associated to the PMI cutting plane symbol of a PMI section view.


PMI_2.pngNX 11: Derive type in the Section Line dialogIt can be used only when you create a PMI Section View with type as 'One Plane' and 'Display Cutting Plane Symbol' is selected.


PMI.pngNX 11: Selections to create Section Line using PMI Section View


PMI_1.pngNX 11: PMI Section View with Cutting Plane Symbol

The display of the associative derived section line can be changed to any standards-compliant configuration.


If you delete the inherited PMI section view from the drawing, or make changes to the cutting plane symbol that cause the derived section line to no longer be valid in that drafting view, you can delete the section line or convert it to a standalone section line. The resulting section line has no association to the PMI cutting plane symbol.


Any changes made to the PMI cutting plane symbol in the model are automatically reflected in the associated section line in the drafting view.

SECTIONLINE.gifNX 11: Section Line based on the PMI Section View