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Drafting Navigate to View in NX 11.0.1


Today, you will see how to navigate between the various views in a drawing in NX 11. The example shown here today contains multiple different types of views in a single drawing.


The three view types are as follows:

  • Section views
  • Detail views
  • Projected views

Let’s look first at a detail view. Right mouse button click the border and select Navigate to Detail View. The system will zoom in on its child view.


navigate to parent view 1.jpg


To return to the parent view, follow the same steps and select Navigate to Parent.


The same steps also work for section views. Right mouse button click and you navigate to the child view. If you zoom back in, notice you are returned back to the parent view.


navigate to parent view 3.jpg

The same steps can be applied with a projection view, even when the view is located on another sheet. When you zoom out, you are taken back to the parent view on the original drawing sheet.


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I have question.


When we are  creating detail view in NX 11, if we right click on the detail view an option " Convert to independent Detail" is available. what is its use?