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How to Create a Template for Drawings in NX 8


NX Drawing.jpgThis post comes from community member MauritsHermans.


In the Drafting application, I have found there are automated text values that one can use on drawings. For instance the <W@ $SH_PART_NAME> variable can be used to print the filename on a drawing.

In my company, the filename always is built up from the part number and a descriptive name, e.g.

123.45678.90 - description.prt


I would like to split the value of the above mentioned variable and display the part number in one cell of a table and the description in another.


I have found a function called subString that allows you to do this, but it is only available in the Expression Editor. The Expression Editor is available only in Modeling, but the variable <W@ $SH_PART_NAME> is not. 


There is an option in Customer Defaults which will allow you to access the Expression Editor while in the Drafting module as you currently can do while in Modeling.  Simply go to...


Customer Defaults -> Drafting -> Drawing -> General


...and at the bottom of the page there is an option titled 'Allow Expression'.  Simply toggle this option ON, hit OK, exit your session of NX, launch a new session of NX, and when you enter the Drafting module you will now have access to the Expression Editor under the Tools menu.

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