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How to Locate Expressions in NX Sketch


Expressions are used in CAD to control parameters of a sketch or model, and can be either values or equations. When many expressions are used, it can be difficult to locate a specific one in the event you have to go back and make changes to that parameter. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to locate expressions within NX. This article will demonstrate two of these. 


First, in NX 11 you can use the Sketch Relations Browser. While it is not possible to locate expressions by name, you can see which constraints or dimensions are related to the lines of the sketch. From here, use Fit View to Selection to locate the constraint or dimension. 



Second, you can locate expressions in a sketch from the Part Navigator. Simply select the sketch in the navigator, right mouse button-click (RMB) , and select Edit Parameters.

Select any expression, whether user defined or NX generated, and it will be highlighted in the UI display as seen below. 



This article is based on a question and replies in the NX Design Forum


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