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How to Modify Designs in NX Managed Mode


NX Managed mode helps engineers by allowing them to share parts, PMI and other data with the rest of the product development team. This facilitates downstream use, which saves everyone the time and hassle of doing rework. Management will appreciate it too, because the increased efficiency helps with cost savings as well.


Today, you will see how to make design modifications to an existing part in the NX Managed Mode. This is the second in a three part series, so if you missed the first tutorial on how to create a part in the NX managed environment with Teamcenter, you should go back and check that out first.


Now, let’s look at making a change. Oftentimes, after you create and release a part for approval, your management or another team member may come back and require some design changes from you. These changes may be the result of some analysis results, changes to another part, or a variety of other circumstances. No matter the reason, you are now tasked with updating the part.


The beauty of using NX Managed Mode is that it’s easy to go back and find the part you need to revise (so long as you know the part number!). You just search for the part, pull it up, and begin modeling.

 NX Managed Mode.jpg

Another great aspect of this is that the managed environment automatically looks for and notifies you when a part is checked-out. You’ll see in this video that the part Scott updates is read only because it is checked out. Can you imagine going back and manually trying to determine if the part is checked out anywhere? Surely you can, because you probably have at one point or another. Talk about a pain in the neck!


So, let’s say you make some changes and go to save the part, but you notice it is checked out. What do you do? Luckily you can save the part as a new revision by going to File>Save As. The system also knows when there are parts or drawings associated and gives you the option to update those as well. They will be saved automatically under the new part revision.  Voila! It’s pretty simple.


See for yourself and follow along with this NX Quick Tips video.


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