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How to Open Revisions in NX Managed Mode


NX Managed Mode helps improve the product development process, not just for design engineers, but for everyone across the entire team. This is the third in our three part series on working in a managed environment within NX. You have already seen how NX Managed Mode makes it easy for you to get parts approved or push design changes out. Today, you will see how you can easily sub out parts in an assembly for newer revisions when you are working in NX Managed Mode.

NX Managed Mode Revisions.jpg


First, you need to locate the part or assembly you’ll be working with. (The example you see in this article and video is an assembly.) You can use the built in search capability in Teamcenter to easily locate that and pull it up. 


Before you open the part though, you can configure a specific view using the conditions available in the selection window. We want to show parts with any kind of status first; that status can be released, released for manufacturing... choose any status that your company uses. Then you can select the option to see working parts first, so that consists of any part that is still a work in progress. 


Next, take a look at the assembly navigator. You can see whether or not a part has been approved. Often times, though, even after a part is approved, there are design changes requested. Someone else may have gone in to update the part and saved it as a new revision. This often happens when multiple people are working on an assembly comprised of many parts. So how do you find these revisions?


If you go to select the part, you will notice there is an option to show all revisions.  We can see in the example provided there is a Revision B to the part we have open. We want to swap out Revision A for B. Once we do that, we can see there was indeed a design change to make this sprocket bigger.

 Show All Revisions.jpg

See for yourself exactly how to substitute revisions using NX Managed Mode with Teamcenter when you watch this latest NX Quick Tips video!

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