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How to Perform Detailed Threads in NX 9


thread.jpgIn this tutorial, you'll learn how to use detailed thread using THREAD command.

Question: Why should I DETAILED THREAD insted of HOLE command?


  • Basically, when we use HOLE command to apply thread on any hole, this will apply only thread symbol but not a perfect thread.
  • HOLE command has another limitation: You can't apply external thread.
  • Whenever it's time to report or present, I would suggest to use Detailed Thread for applying thread.

Detailed Thread can show and edit its various properties such as:

  • Minor diameter
  • Pitch
  • Length
  • Thread Angle
  • Thread Directions


The short keys I used during the lecture:
To view nearly orthographic view: F8

Have any questions? Comment below.


Rinkesh Patel
Mechanical Design Engineer


Summer Regards,
Rinkesh Patel