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Improve Dimensioning using Ordinate Dimensions in Drafting


Ordinate Dimensions is a simple command, but many new NX users avoid it. It shouldn't be avoided, as it can improve your drawing in certain situations.


So, here is how to use Ordinate Dimensioning in Drafting


Question: Why should I use Ordinate Dimensions command instead of Rapid Dimensioning?


  • Basically, when we use RAPID Dimensioning command to illustrate any dimensions it will be perfect for small kind of geometry, but for major and complex geometry the RAPID Dimensioning gives the worst views and can be confusing.
  • So, Whenever we need to illustrate any dimensioning neat and clean as well as avoiding confusion of viewer we use ORDINATE Dimensioning.
  • And obviously at the time of presentation, It would be more impressive using ORDINATE Dimensioning.
  • It also helps to workers who programing CNC manually.

Ordinate Dimensioning are used as many types below:

  • Horizontal Ordinate
  • Vertical Ordinate
  • Aligned Ordinate

The short keys I used during the lecture:
To view nearly orthographic view: F8
For Rapid Dimensions: D

Have any questions? Comment below.


Rinkesh Patel
Mechanical Design Engineer


Summer Regards,
Rinkesh Patel