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Improved Alert Information on Datum Coordinate Features

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Improved feedback on Datum Coordinate Features

When you delete or "model away" a parent object, you will notice in NX 11.0.1 that the datum coordinate features now provide feedback to indicate where parametric relationships between features are lost. 

In previous versions of NX, most datum coordinate feature types did not indicate that something was wrong with the feature recipe after a parent object was deleted. The type would change to Dynamic which made it difficult to repair the construction with the same design intent. The features all looked OK, but in the background, the parametric relationships in the part were removed.

Now, you will be able to easily tell when a repair is needed to a design. 

Example: Deleting a parent

In the example below, you see a parent Datum Coordinate System and a couple of depending Datum Coordinate Systems (highlighted in blue). The features are named after their recipe.nx 11 datum coordinate 1.pngFigure 1 - A parent Datum CSYS and some dependent Datum CSYS Features

If the parent Datum Coordinate System was deleted in NX 11 (while Delete Child Features was OFF) then this would result in most of the Datum Coordinate Features looking OK in the part navigator. Only some types give a hint that something had changed.nx 11 datum coordinate 2.pngFigure 2 - Result in NX 11 after the parent is deleted

Now in NX 11.0.1, these features would provide more information after deleting the parent feature. See image below.nx 11 datum coordinate 3.pngFigure 3 - Part Navigator display in NX 11.0.1.

 In NX 11.0.1, the checkmarks show a warning sign and the alert column displays information on the kind of input that is missing.

When editing a feature, an alert will display more details on which inputs are missing a selected object.

nx 11 datum coordinate 4.pngFigure 4 - While editing a Datum CSYS Feature an alert per missing input is shown so you know which input is missing a selected object

Note that the Three Planes type (shown above) was also enhanced in NX 11.0.1. The three selections previously only allowed selection of a planar object. In NX 11.0.1, you can construct three planes using  specify plane inputs.

You will also benefit from this improved feedback on coordinate systems if Delete Child Feature is OFF.



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