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Inherit PMI Custom Symbols in NX 11.0.1

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

As more companies move to a model based definition (MBD) strategy, the ability to use PMI effectively and efficiently has only grown in importance. Many companies today use both drawings and PMI, which can result in a lot of rework if you aren't leveraging existing data. This is where inherting information onto a drawing comes in. Today we'll look at a change introduced in NX 11.0.1 that allows you to retain custom PMI symbols in drawings. 


In NX, PMI custom symbols can be placed using the “Use Definition” option for the “Annotation Preferences” setting.  A new customer default has been added in NX 11.0.1 to preserve these settings from the PMI custom symbol when inheriting onto a drawing.

In customer defaults on the Workflow tab of the Drafting->General/Setup node in the Inherited PMI group there is a new default named “PMI Custom Symbol Settings.”





Setting this to "Use Drafting Preferences" will create inherited PMI custom symbols on drawings using the drafting preferences for the annotation preferences.  This is the previously existing behavior.


Setting this to "Use PMI Settings" will create inherited PMI custom symbols on drawings with the annotation settings from the PMI custom symbol instance, thus preserving the look of the PMI custom symbol as it appears in modeling.