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Inherit PMI Dimensions

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

In NX sketch dimensions displayed as PMI that are not parallel to a view plane can be inherited onto the plane of the drawing view.  However, there are some limitations around inheriting dimensions into views where the sketch geometry is not visible.


In NX11.0.1, users will be able to inherit sketch dimensions displayed as PMI onto drawing views regardless of which view the revolved geometries are shown in and the PMI objects were created in. 

inherit_sketch_dims_pmi.jpgRevolved sketch with dimensions displayed as PMI.

inherit_sketch_dims_nx11.jpgNX 11

inherit_sketch_dims_nx1101.jpgNX 11.0.1



In order for any PMI objects not in a particular model view to inherit PMI instances, several settings/options must be set:

  1. Master model dataset reference set must be set to entire part
  2. Data cannot be partial loaded
  3. Inherited PMI settings must be set at
  • Aligned to Drawing (Entire Part)
  • Show PMI Dimensions from Revolved Sketches
  • Show PMI on Drawing (on = PMI displayed outside of view, off = PMI displayed w/in the view)