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Layer in NX 9 or NX 10


This tutorial will help you understand usage of Layer & other related commands to Layer.



Question: How important is Layer command in NX?


  • Layer is most important when you are working in Part Modeling.  Assume you are creating a geometry of any part needs updating more than one time, but a backup is a must. That's where you should use Layer.
  • When you have one main Assembly Constraints with a large number of smaller assemblies, you should separate it by Layer, so it is easy to hide, unhide, lock, etc.

One of my viewers suggested  I record this tutorial of Layer,
So, here I explain how to use Layer & other related commands as follows:

- Layer
- Move to Layer
- Layer Settings
- Layer Category
- Copy to Layer


Have any questions? Comment below.


Summer Regards,
Rinkesh Patel