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Modify Faceted Bodies with NX Realize Shape and Convergent Modeling in NX 11


If you use topology optimization in your design workflow, chances are you have to convert faceted data first to make the results usable in your CAD system, right? Not if you have NX 11.

With Convergent ModelingTM technology you can bypass the conversion process and work directly with faceted geometry. Often the resulting shapes you get are organic and difficult to repair or change using traditional techniques. NX Realize Shape is especially useful for modifying a convergent body, because you can quickly generate 3D geometry that matches or aligns with the irregular shapes.  

 topology optimization.jpg

In this tutorial, you will see an example workflow that demonstrates how you can modify or repair a convergent body in NX 11 using NX Realize Shape.


To start, we have a part that was created using topology optimization in which one of the connecting rods is thinner than the other. This can lead to issues down the road with weakness and fatigue. It is possible to build this out and add thickness, though, using NX Realize Shape.


First, open NX Realize Shape and create a cage polyline along the surface of the convergent body.

nx reallize shape 1.jpg

Once the points for the cage polyline are defined, use the Transform Cage command to align the cage with the middle of the body we wish to modify. Under the Transform Tab, use Move Tool Only to move that to the proper orientation inside the middle of that area of our convergent body.


Next, create and define the size of a tube cage. In this case, 35mm is probably the appropriate size to fit inside this particular body. Use Tranform Cage to close off both ends, which will make the shell body a solid body instead. Continue to manipulate the shape, size, and alignment until the desired results are achieved.
nx realize shape 2.jpg

NX Realize Shape contains many tools and commands, all of which give us the capability to create a tube cage and make adjustments that will ensure the additional body we create is useful to us and aligns properly with the convergent body with which we started.


Once satisfied with the final results, it is time to unite the two bodies. Use the Unite command in NX Realize Shape to accomplish this. A warning sign will pop up to notify us that the output will be a convergent body. The final result is a part that could be 3D printed.

 nx realize shape 7.jpg

You can see the full step-by-step instructions demonstrated in the video below!


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